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User Agreement


a ) Before joining you should carefully read the following terms and conditions. We are not forcing anyone to join us by paying the registration fees. Your purchase or use of our Program implies that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions and you are willing to work with our terms and condition.

b ) We never provide any guarantee for your earnings. Your level of success depends upon your ability. We are not responsible if you are not able to earn from this program. We will provide support only through Email for any issue. We never provide any support through Phone.

c)  We are outsourcing the work due to lack of manpower in our office.


Our website grants you a nonexclusive limited license to use the membership area sold through our web site in accordance with these Terms and Conditions (the "license") issued by us.


You should not redistribute or resale your membership area to others without prior written consent from us.


You may not sub-license, assign, or transfer your work to anyone else without prior written consent from us.


a) You should give the ad title description and website name clearly. We will reject the link incase if you fail to enter the ad details properly given by us.

b) We will be provide the training for posting in classifieds through Video demo and we are not responsible if you are not able to understand the work by seeing the demo. You have to follow the instruction accordingly to the demo and you have do the work accordingly to the demo. Click here to view Demo.

c) We will give demo for only one classifieds whereas you have to understand the concept and you have to post in other classifieds. Sometimes the classifieds will be entirely different from the one which is displayed in demo. You have to register in classifieds if it ask for registration.       

d) You may get the confirmation link or Ad link immediately after posting or may through email. Sometimes you can get it after 24 hours or later. We are not responsible incase if you miss the confirmation link or Ad link from classifieds. We are also not responsible incase if you do not get any confirmation link or Ad link  from the classified website since we don't have any relationship with any classifieds.

e) While submitting the links in your member area you have to give the proper Ad Reference number. Links submitted with wrong Ad Reference number will be deleted. It will be explained with Member Area demo

f) In a Single classified you can post the Ad only for one time in a single day and you should give a Gap of 7 days to post again in same classifieds. Since While posting ads in each classifieds they will record your IP address. Some classifieds will allow single posting from a single IP. So to generalize for all classifieds and to protect our advertiser you cannot post even the different Ad content in same classifieds for 7 days. You can post in that same classifieds after 7 days.

g) While verifying the links we have entire rights over the verification. We will provide you the entire report for the links within 24 - 48 hours from the time of submission. Sometimes link verification may get delayed due to local or national holidays. You can send Email to us in case if we wrongly verified your links so that we will check it once again and we will re approve.

h) We will provide only few classifieds for example. Whereas you should search in Google to get more classifieds. We are not responsible if you are not able to search more classified website.

i) The minimum link amount and minimum payment threshold will vary from time to time.

j) You should not out source your work to neither other individuals nor a team to get results. Incase if we find that we will terminate your account without any re fund.

        Registration fees are not refundable in any circumstances. Since your registration will be utilized for Administration Expenses.

5. Third-Party Websites
        We don't have any third party website to promote our package.

6. Rate Plans
       At any point of time company can change the rate plans without any prior notice. Ads wrongly posted will not be considered and no payment will be made for the same and the payment will be made only for the proper approved ads.

7. Payment Cycle.

1 Every month Payment will be made on 1st - 7th for previous month earnings and it should reach the minimum payment level set by the admin( It will be between 50$ to 110$ ). You will get the cheque within 15 days from the date of payment. Usually we will send the payment through courier or Bank Account speed post. We are not responsible incase if the cheque is lost either by postal department or courier. Please inform us if you don't receive the payment before 15th of every month if the payment reflects in your payment summary. Company will not be responsible for payment in case any wrong information provided by members.

8. Account Termination.

On average our active members are earning more than 110$ per month. Based on that calculation we have estimated that one can easily cross 50$ in 2 - 3 months. Maintaining a account per month will cost around 15$.We are losing money due to inactive members. To avoid this we will terminate the members who have not crossed 50$ in 6 months from their date of registration.Whereas 6months ( 180 days ) is huge time even if you post 20 ads per day you can cross that limit.Refund will not be issued if we close your account incase if you do not cross 50$ in 6 months from the date of registration.
We will terminate your account incase if we don't have advertiser in this case we will refund your 80% of the registration amount and we will pay the earnings amount if you have crossed 20$

9."Terms and Conditions" can be changed as per company requirements at any time. Before starting work please clear all your doubts later on dispute related to above mentioned points will not be entertained.


If any matter concerning the purchase of Program from this website or contents of this website shall be brought before a court of law, the viewer, visitor, member, subscriber or customer agrees to the sole and proper jurisdiction to be the state and city declared and provided on this website unless otherwise here specified.

We reserve the right to change or modify these terms with no prior notice. All visitors and buyers are advised to review this web page from time to time to keep themselves abreast with any changes with regard to the terms of use on this website.